About Beezú


Hi there, I'm  Beezú; a timeless, fresh and fun brand of cotton essentials made from 100% Pima Cotton for stylish tots and kids, with quality savvy parents. Beezú is the boutique apparel brand that kids and parents can choose for its comfort and quality without giving up style.

 Meet the Makers

Hi! We are Ana Rubinoff and Ximena Arias the thinkers and makers behind Beezú. We are two moms with former careers in banking and marketing who understand that with kids you sometimes have to go with the flow. 

True to our motto “let `em play”, we created a playful and simple line of apparel essentials to grab-and-go from nap-time to playtime. We chose Pima Cotton from Perú for its durability (read: many washes and no poling) , comfort (read: softness) and premium quality (read: hypoallergenic). 

Thank you for trusting Beezú to take care of your babes (after all it takes a village). 

 Welcome to the Beezú village!  #letemplay



We have big hopes and dreams for Beezú! But far from world domination we hope our brand creates a community that keeps parenting real and your kid happy. We hope Beezú inspires you to let your child roll around in the grass, feed the dog cheerios, drip ice cream on warm summer days and we really hope it inspires your child to take long naps on Sundays.  As we strengthen, we promise to do our part to continuously improve our quality while keeping style and prices efficient. As we learn, we promise to build a better and cleaner experience from thread to fabric. And as we grow, we promise to build a company that takes care of its own and others by sharing the love.